Why Do We Always Forget Natural Herbs?


Why do we always forget Natural herbs?

Natural herbs have been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy for diseases, and recent studies have shown the ability of natural herbs to provide health benefits to humans, and may protect some common herbs from some chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and prevent the occurrence of infections in the body , Which in turn lead to the development of these diseases; 

most studies prove the benefits of oregano health, thyme, basil, rosemary, in addition to other spices such as cinnamon, chilli, garlic, turmeric, in addition to the benefits of medicinal herbs, It should be noted that specialized medical care, routine body examination remains primarily, a healthy diet and basic knowledge of the benefits of foods and herbs, which helps to build a diet program Protects the body from diseases, and gives it health and strength.

Benefits of some natural herbs the following are some natural herbs, their health benefits, and their possible side effects: rosemary the rosemary herb is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, of free radical damage, strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation, and uses rosemary herb to treat indigestion, although there is no scientific evidence to support this characteristic. 

The rosemary herb may increase the ability to remember and focus; the compounds that contain rosemary herb oil are associated with their degradation in the blood with the enhancement and improvement of cognitive performance. The rosemary also protects the brain cells because they contain Carnosic acid, which is able to fight free radicals in the brain area. The rosemary also has the ability to Prevent aging of the brain, according to A study published in Oncology Reports found that the extract of ethanol extracted from rosemary herb has the potential to inhibit the proliferation of leukemia and breast cancer cells, and other studies have demonstrated the ability of a crown According to food scientists, rosemary can regulate the level of diabetes in the blood because it contains compounds that work in a similar way to some diabetes medicines. The consumption of rosemary herb is safe when taken in low doses, High doses may lead to some effects Oregano Thyme Oregano thyme contains powerful antioxidants and antibacterial properties, which help protect the body's cells, fight against free radicals and infection. A study by Bulgarian researchers The Origanum vulgare essential oils in the oregano zebras have an antidote against 41 strains of Listeria monocytogenes 2 because of their content of the main compound carvacrol, Antimicrobial. 

Organo zegetre can be used to regulate and manage diabetes because of its ability to function in a similar way to the work of diabetes drugs in the body. Oregano is also used to treat gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders, menstrual cramps and urinary tract disorders. 

On the treatment of many skin problems such as dandruff, acne. The oregano zygote has the potential to promote bone health and produce blood clotting proteins because of its vitamin K content. The oregano zygote has a role in fighting cancer and cancer cells, according to biologists at the United Arab Emirates University and published in the journal PLoS ONE (4) Organo thyme may cause gastric disorders in some people, and may cause allergies especially by people who are allergic to basil, mint and lavender, so be careful. Basil Basil contains a wide range of oils Aromatic compounds rich in phenolic compounds (English Of: Phenolic compounds), such as: Filawoonodat (in English: Flavonoids), and anthocyanins (in English: Anthocyanins). It can be useful in the treatment of arthritis and inflammation of the bowel, according to research conducted at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and it contains anti-aging properties, according to research presented at the British Pharmaceutical Conference in Manchester (BPC), and the basil has antioxidant properties and inhibits the free radicals in the liver, heart, brain, and antibacterial properties. The basil intake may cause allergies in some people,  They has antibacterial properties RIA, and can be adopted in the future as a substance for the treatment of acne, where a test was conducted by a group of researchers in Britain to show the effect of soaking the thyme in alcohol for several days or weeks and turned to a certain dye on acne, and showed a study on the dye of thyme Pimples are also used to treat pimples, which include benzoyl peroxide, but also to reduce the heart rate and high cholesterol in patients with high blood pressure, according to a study of the effect of thyme on mice.  
As well The ability to stop a cough and sore throat treatment, and enhance the body's immunity Because of its good content of vitamin A and vitamin C, Thymol is also used in many pesticides against bacteria, viruses, mice, insects, and other animals, and thyme oil can modify mood by using it for therapeutic and aromatic purposes , Due to its Carvacrol content, according to a study conducted in 2013 that showed that the carbachlor effect affects neuronal activity in a positive way, affecting positive feelings and mood.  

Consumption of herbal supplements is not considered Natural herbal supplements are completely safe, as there are no negative side effects and side effects. Consult your doctor before taking any herbs to ensure that you do not interfere with any other medications. Avoid any other health effects. Of the identity of the herb, especially herbs manufactured in unknown countries, and finally, the consumption of natural herbal supplements should be avoided in the case of pregnancy and lactation, unless it is allowed to be taken by a specialist.

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