Commercial Companies Horizon ERP

Commercial Companies Horizon ERP

Commercial Companies Horizon ERP 

Horizon Software offers ERP System Oracle Database for Commercial Companies ( Small and medium business , Stores , Supermarkets and includes the following Modules :
( Sales,Purchasing,Accounting,Reports,Shipping,Suppliers,Basic Data,Items

Menu, HR, Orders of goods, Customers, Prices Work Cycle ) : Item card, balance and transfer between stores Receipt of goods, acceptance and refusal of conversion of items Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Order Import purchase invoice, import import discrepancies Delivery of goods between stores Suppliers, vendor balance, account statement Employee data, attendance and departure Orders of goods, preparation of orders Accounts, assets, wages, restrictions Treasury, customer and customer repayment Credit settlement, taxes, prices General reports for all previous lists Shipping companies, Repayment We accept requests for amendment and addition Available in Desktops and Web Application Create a custom mobile application Create a Special website To determine the price you must display the program and ask to add or delete

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The Updates Modules in Horizon ERP

Now you can search for customers and suppliers through ID or customer / supplier ID. Due to the shutdown of "Yahoo Finance", we updated our system to use a new online currency conversion API. You can now insert invoice forms into a special variable payment methods, purchase and expense. In the Accounting section, a new feature has been entered to close / open a new year. In user privileges, there is now the ability to give the user the power to modify the year-end closing restrictions. A new sales and purchase tax report has been added by customer or supplier. Now when you create a new account in Horizon ERP, the default currency symbol is SAR. The variable "item_code" inside the product form is now available in the template designer. We have increased and improved our server structure due to the large increase in orders. Purchase tax reports also include expenses that include VAT. The receipt receipt receipt now includes the client's address as well as the note field shown in the PDF. Now the sales and purchase invoices and sales returns show the total amount written and not the balance. A new default invoice template has been added, featuring a new column design. In the purchase order forms you can add a product store variable. Order bonds also support the application of a specific price list. The graph for suppliers, customers and products sold has been improved. When you enter a payment for a bill, the entire amount will be shown, removing the limit on the decimal point. In the bank's dashboard we have added the possibility to display it by year. In the bank we also added a new graph showing the total account per month. In the product and service form now an account can be set up to track the sales of each product separately. In settings, there is a new account to link the "cost of services sold". The original forms now have a "Shipping" and "Modified" variable and now appear before the total VAT. When you view the invoice, you can now print an account statement, giving a summary of the total invoice and associated payments. In the client / reseller statement, you will also find the associated expenses. You can now specify the user language and number format within this user's form. In the System settings on the Invoices tab, a new option has been added to show a "form of payment" within the invoice. When you create an invoice, the administrator can select the User. A new option, Time Zone, has been added within the system settings. The "Do not Show Maturity Date" option has been added under System Settings and Billing tab. Now when importing a list of clients / suppliers / products, the program automatically creates an account in the account tree. Custom fields can now be imported into a form for importing data as customers / suppliers / products. Invoice / bill aging reports have been updated, and now take into account seller / credit notes and payments to customers / suppliers. Now, using the "{{{b:" billing variable and "{{{w:") for the product variable, you'll be able to place a base currency instead of the foreign currency used. The resource form now contains a new tab that includes a new product graph and how much it has been sold. A new "Resold by Vendor" report has been added to sales reports. The form designer now has a new variable "{{{l: page_number}}}". (If not used, no page numbering will appear). Add a new format for the paper size "DMatrix" for compatibility of Dot-Matrix printers. Customer / supplier account statement now also includes all manual entries entered into their account. Multiple payment methods can now be displayed in your local invoices / invoices. Using this variable "{{{c: invoice_payment_method}}}" you will be able to view the payment methods used in the invoice. Inside the bank section, when you add a transaction you will be able to print a document on the same page. Under System Settings and the Accounting tab, you can now create a special account for Zero VAT Sales. The Sales By Product report can search for a specific product name. In the accounting department, there is now a book for opening balances for customers / suppliers under the name OB. You'll now find a new Sales Summary report under Reports and Sales Reports. A new "Sales by User" report is now available under Reports and Accounts Receivable. When you create a custom user account you can give it the ability to view all expenses or only its expenses. A new Customer Account Statement is now available under the Reports> Accounts Receivable section. A new "Vendor Disclosure" report is now available under Payments report. The bank partition has been enhanced to support double entry entry in one line. Especially when making a restriction from one bank account to another. A new power has been added within the Custom User to enable / remove the Journal lock. Now in calculating the cost of the goods or services sold, when the sale is returned, the program creates daily restrictions when the payment is made. The delivery and shipping voucher now also includes the data contained within an additional milestone field. In the General Ledger report when you select a master account, it will also include subaccounts. The basic user interface has been improved, allowing access to program features more quickly and easily. Order bonds or purchase orders after they are converted into bills, this can not be done again. Now "Sales By Product" and "Product Sales Summary" reports take into account refunds of returns.

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