Contracting & Consultancy ERP Systems

Contracting & Consultancy ERP Systems

Contracting & Consultancy ERP Systems 

Horizon Software provides ERP Solution with Oracle Database for Construction & Contracting Companies and Engineering Consultancy Offices and contains the following:
1- Functional structure and general data of the company. 2-Projects, their preparation, allocations, constraints 3-Technical office, business catalog, orders of supply 4-Implementation management, implementation plans, daily reporting 5-Items, custom label card, quantities, prices 6-Movement of stores and permits exchange return receipt 7-Suppliers, technical inspection report 8-Employees, Insurance, Covenant, Vacations, Contracts 9-General accounts and abstracts 10-Reports of studies, staff, stores, accounts 11-Insert documents through the scanner 12-Technical support throughout the year 13-The possibility of experimenting with System 14-Continuous training and updates 15-The possibility of modification and addition during training training 16-Linking branches and equipment attendance and departure 17-Website and Mobile App Upon Request

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If you're searching for the most effective accounting package for construction firms and investment assets construction ERP package focuses on the management of comes and semi permanent contracts, Horizon offers a package of accounting package tremendous ERP package supports the Arabic and English, that helps you connect in an exceedingly mechanism to manage your company to the utmost doable profit.

Horizon Constructions package works in an exceedingly integrated means with a group of alternative systems that complement the system in a totally integrated system on a unified information, that ultimately permits you to manage and automatise the activities of all sections with high flexibility, that within the finish provides an enormous data base on the company's activities. deciding.

Learn about the benefits of the most effective accounting package for construction firms Horizon construction Software:

Why is stand out the most effective accounting package for construction companies?

Effective Project Management comes Management:
The accounting package of construction firms will manage and track your comes with equal accuracy. The work cycle of the system begins with the outline of the comes and careful|an in depth|a close} description within the type of a chart by recording all the detailed project knowledge for the project such as:
Name and range of the project.
Project value center.
Project Manager and advisor Eng.
Implementation Timeline.
Characterization of the most and subsidiary comes and also the distinction between analytical things and raw materials, and linking them to their own accounts and price centers.
Flexible project management cycle versatile Project Management Cycle:

The getting firms accounting program provides a versatile and integrated course within the management of the project, through that governmental and non-governmental comes is managed to enter into tenders. The work cycle begins with the acquisition of the book of conditions and its description on the system, and payment of the tender insurance (cash, check or through letter of guarantee) Project things, costing, target gross margin, and monetary and technical proposals for the project. In the end, work is started on the project. The project stages also can be managed while not tenders, through direct getting. Served within the management stages of the project betting on the character of the contracts.

Contractors & Abstracts Management & Progress charge Contractors:

Horizon Construction ERP package includes a full course of contractor management, and starts the method of addressing contractors by recording all contractor knowledge like name, telephone, address, tax number and even coming into contract knowledge such as:
comes contractile.
comes things.
quantity of advance payment and business insurance.
Discounts things on abstracts like business insurance deduction and advance payment.

The system provides a good vary of analytical reports associated with transactions with contractors such as:
Contractor's statement of account.
Report of the position of contractors.
Business insurance statement report.
Total Contractors Abstracts Report.
Total Contractors Abstracts Report.
Detailed Contractors Abstract Report.

client and Owner Management client Relationship Management .:

Horizon construction package permits users to effectively manage homeowners through a variety of analytical tools. The getting system provides the subsequent benefits in managing owners:
- Registration of all knowledge regarding homeowners within the type of tree branches of homeowners of teams like teams of state sector and company sector and also the non-public sector et al.
- Registration of the terms of the contract with the homeowners price of the contract, the terms of the project and also the price of insurance business and payments created et al.
Comprehensive management of the owners' extracts and things of discount and increase the abstract.
Review elaborate and comprehensive reports for homeowners like the owner's statement of account and reports of business insurance and payments et al ..

Entire Interconnection between the departments of the enterprise Integrated ERP Applications:

Horizon ERP is that the best accounting package for getting firms that works closely with alternative totally integrated ERP solutions on a unified information that has all the components of the getting company. samples of linking systems include:
- The user of the procedural program and stores to prove the invoice for the acquisition of materials and accessories for sites and comes from a specific provider.
- Payment by the Treasury Officer of the supplier's assets from the Payments and Receipts Program supported the invoice confirmed by the business department (linking the payment to a particular invoice)
- The project engineers to prove the conclusions of homeowners and contractors through the accounting program of construction firms.
Collection of the due  by the owner whether or not in money or checks through the receipts and payments program (linking the gathering with a particular extract).
In all previous transactions, the overall Accounts program mechanically interprets them into daily entries while not the requirement for totally machine-controlled intervention.

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