Learn more about Oddo's open source ERP system

Learn more about Oddo's open source ERP system

Learn more about Oddo's open source ERP system

Odoo is an integrated ERP software system available free of charge as a ready-to-use program and source code that can be modified according to the AGPL license.

The system consists of a basic platform and a set of software modules that provide the functions of the program to the user, such as accounting, sales, procurement, warehousing, manufacturing, customer relations, human resources, points of sale and others. This design offers several advantages including:

The user can activate the software modules that provide the functions he needs only, making the system easier and less crowded.
The ability to add new system functions or modify available functions easily by activating additional software modules or creating new software modules.
The ability to deploy and share additional software modules among system users provides additional functionality that is not available in the platform.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 1 A term called an administrative information system that links internal and external enterprise data and processes, such as accounting, manufacturing, sales, services, customer relationship management, etc., all of which are automatically linked by a software application. The aim of implementing a resource planning system is to facilitate the transmission of information about the activities of the establishment between its various departments and to convey the relevant information to the beneficiaries outside the facility.

The ERP can be defined as:

An integrated system that works automatically and keeps pace with the activities of the establishment as they occur.
It uses a unified database to follow up and link all the activities of the organization.
It has a unified interface for all applications and activities.
A resource planning system generally consists of the following parts:

System Management Control Gateway.
Issue reports that can be customized.
Extrapolating business information.
Document Management.
Process Management.
AGPL License
One of the biggest factors in achieving the advantages of the ODU system already mentioned above on the ground is the method of licensing the owner and system clerk to its users. The ODU system is written and owned by a Belgian company called OpenERP s.a. The company allows this system for free use and modification for any person or entity according to one of the famous open source software licenses known as AGPL.

The AGPL license is an open source software license derived from the most famous license in this field: GPL License The 2GPL license provides, in a very short and non-legally binding manner, that the redistribution of any work derived from the work licensed to this license must be subject to the same license: The distribution of a modified copy, free of charge or in return, requires the use of the license for the modified work, which is usually encoded in the open source software with the adverse effect of this class of licenses. This is called Copyleft, and is based on the use of the law to ensure that the source code of any work using this class of licenses is freely available and subject to modification by any person or entity.

The 3AGPL license differs from the parent GPL license in a single accurate detail. The GPL license requires license-only use in the case of derivative work distribution, while the AGPL license adds another condition that requires the use of the same license for derivative work, that is, the provision of derivative work for use through a computer network. Any modification of an AGPL license and its operation for use through a network such as the Internet, without distribution, also requires that the source of the modified software be made available under AGPL. This last case applies to running the program as a Web application.

The owner company provides the system according to another non-free license that allows the purchaser to modify the system without requiring it to publish its amendments.

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